Saving the Homeless Animals of Cottonwood County, MN.
Donations Cottonwood County Animal Rescue (CCAR) 457 15th Street, Windom, MN  56101  Contacts Joanne: (507) 831-4110 Phyllis: (507) 831-2249
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Cottonwood County Animal Rescue
Cottonwood County Animal Rescue
Adoption Application Form
Cottonwood County Animal Rescue - Adoption Application Thank you for considering adopting a pet who needs a home! Please fill out this application as completely and accurately as possible. By doing so, it will allow us to fulfill our responsibility of finding the best homes possible for the animals in our care and allow us to better assist you in finding a pet best suited for you. Your Name______________________________________ Home #___________________ Cell #____________________ Address_________________________________________ City ___________________State________ Zip__________ Pet’s Name____________________ Today’s Date_________________ Name, City and State of the Vet Clinic you are currently using _______________________ Will this pet be part of your household? ____________ Pet’s Name_______________ Who will be the pet’s primary caregiver? ___________ What is your reason for adopting a pet?_______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ How many children live in your household? _________ Have you ever adopted a pet from Cottonwood County Animal Rescue? Yes _______ No_______ Have you ever surrendered an animal to a rescue or shelter? Yes _______ No_______ If yes, please explain the circumstances _______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are currently renting, do you have permission to have a pet? Yes________ Landlord’s name __________________________ Phone Number _________________________ Do you have any plans to move in the next six months? Yes_______ No_______ If yes, have you made plans for your pet? ____________________________________________________________ If a situation should arise where you are unable to keep the animal in your home, you agree to contact CCAR to return the pet to us in order to find another home. This information is explained in more detail in the adoption contract. How many pets are living with you currently: ____ Dogs ____ Cats If you currently have pets, where are they kept? Inside_____ Outside______Both______ Where do you plan to keep this pet? Inside______ Outside______ Both_______ *Where will this pet be kept during the day? ________ *Where will this pet be kept nights? ______ *If adopting a dog, how will this dog be contained when outside? ____________________ How many hours per day will this pet be alone? 0-4 hours____ 4-8 hours____ 8-12 hours____ 12 + hours_____ If adopting a dog that will be an outside dog, will this dog have protection from the weather and sun, such as a dog house or building? Yes______ No_______ Place of employment____________________________________________ Phone number of employer___________________ If not employed, do you have the resources to care for this animal? Yes______ No_______ Please list two references: Name___________________ Phone #___________ Name___________________ Phone #___________