Saving the Homeless Animals of Cottonwood County, MN.
Donations Cottonwood County Animal Rescue (CCAR) 457 15th Street, Windom, MN  56101  Contacts Joanne: (507) 831-4110 Phyllis: (507) 831-2249
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Cottonwood County Animal Rescue
Cottonwood County Animal Rescue
Three ways to Donate.
GIFTS We are always in need of… Cat Litter Kitten Food Call Joanne to donate items: (507) 831-4110
FOSTER CARE For Homeless Dogs & Cats Responsible people Share your home Provide love and care Vet care is provided Cottonwood County Animal Rescue does not have a physical building. We are strictly a foster/adoption based rescue, so we need homes to care for pets who are waiting for their forever home.
MONETARY We rely on Donations for… Medical needs Pet Food Foster home expenses Litter Donations can by mailed to: Cottonwood County Animal Rescue 457 15th Street Windom, MN 56101
We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without YOU!
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We are entirely dependent on your financial support in order to continue to provide our services. Because of this, and the lack of a physical location to store many items, we gratefully ask that you consider monetary donations at this time. Please consider supporting us through several community fund raisers throughout the year that we will include on our calendar and our Facebook page.
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